Online Banking

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Includes Mobile Banking, Bill Pay Access and internet banking access, Telephone Banking.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking enables you to access Online Banking from a mobile device with web browsing capabilities.

What does Mobile Banking Cost?

This service through Farmers State Bank is free, but you are required to subscribe to a data plan for your mobile device. Check with your wireless provider for any additional fees.

With Mobile Banking, you can access your accounts just as you do with online banking

· Transfer funds between your FSB accounts

· Pay bills once you have registered for Bill Payment on a personal computer

Getting started

With your mobile device handy, log in to your online banking account through the web site at Click "Options" at the top, then "Mobile Banking Profile". Click "enroll", and follow the instructions. You will receive text messages to aid you in setting up Mobile Banking on your device.

What options are on the log in page?

· View a history of your transactions

· Transfer funds between your FSB accounts immediately, or you can schedule transfers

· Pay bills, plus view or edit pending payments on your mobile device

Mobile Banking is safe

For your privacy, you must authenticate yourself, using the same information from Online Banking, on each individual mobile device. Communication between your mobile device, wireless provider and the mobile banking server are encrypted. Your passwords, answers to challenge questions and account information are never stored by the mobile device or on the Mobile Banking application.

For further help with Mobile Banking, contact your nearest branch or call 1-888-480-2408.

Bill Pay

Farmers State Bank has partnered with CheckFree Corporation, the leader in electronic billing and payment services, to offer you the quickest, easiest way to pay your bills.

Now you can enjoy the timesaving, convenience, and control of online bill payment.

  • Pay bills online no checks to write or mail.
  • Saves Time.
  • Saves Money youd spend on stamps, checks, and envelopes.
  • Receive your bill electronically do away with paper mailings.
  • Schedule one time and recurring payments.
  • Never miss a payment again no more late fees.
  • View past and present payment activity online.
  • Can also be used to pay bills even to those individuals/companies that only accept paper checks.
  • Streamline your accounts payable process.

To find out more about using FSB Bill Pay to manage your financial needs online, call us at 1-888-480-2408 or visit your local branch.


The CheckFree Guarantee:
A two-part Guarantee that addresses concerns about security issues:

  • Protection from unauthorized transactions
  • Assurance of on-time payments

On-Time Payment Guarantee:
CheckFree bears the responsibility for any late-payment related charges (up to $50 transaction), should a payment, which is scheduled to transact properly, arrives late.

Telephone Banking

  • 1-866-FSB-Line (1-866-372-5463)
    Offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to your accounts from the convenience of the nearest phone.

For tips on online security, click here:

ID theft prevention tips, click here: